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To manage a WordPress blog with automatic post scheduling, you can:

  1. Use WordPress Scheduler: Utilize the built-in scheduling feature when creating or editing posts to set a future date and time for publication.

  2. Bulk Schedule Posts: WordPress allows you to schedule multiple posts at once. Create a content calendar and schedule posts in bulk for efficient planning.

  3. Content Calendar Plugins: Consider using plugins like Editorial Calendar or CoSchedule to visualize and manage your content schedule easily.

  4. Auto-publish from RSS Feeds: Some plugins enable automatic publishing from external RSS feeds, streamlining content curation and scheduling.

  5. Social Media Integration: Connect your blog to social media platforms using plugins or built-in features to automatically share newly published posts.

  6. Task Automation Tools: Tools like Zapier or IFTTT can automate tasks, such as sharing your blog posts on various platforms, based on triggers you set.

  7. WordPress Maintenance Services: Explore managed WordPress hosting services that offer additional features like automatic backups and updates, ensuring smooth operation.

Remember to regularly check and adjust your schedule as needed, staying flexible for timely and relevant content.